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LION2 scheduled server upgrade and transfer. New server ID: CHEETAH (completed)
Posted by WestNIC Support on 23 March 2014 01:07 AM

Dear customers,

UPD #1: transfer has been completed.

We initiated account transfer from old server (server ID is LION2) to new one (server ID is CHEETAH). It was scheduled in December:

All websites will be moved from old server to new one between 22:00 EST 03/23/2014 and 22:00 EST 03/24/2014.

Why transfer?

1. Server hardware became outdated;

2. Not enough server resources;

3. We're now using robust and secure CloudLinux instead of plain CentOS. It's commercial software (we buy licenses);

4. Issues with Yahoo mail delivery;

5. Security concerns.

What will change?

1. Server ID will change from lion2 to cheetah. Domain name and DNS will remain the SAME.

2. Server hardware: Dell poweredge servers are now standard. We're using Dell R720 servers (2U rack-mounted) with RAID-10 and 15K SCSI hard drives. New server has dual E5-2620 processors and 128 GB of DDR3 memory. It will allow to increase default PHP memory limit to 256 MB, upload limit to 256 MB and post max size to 512 MB. Server will have latest WHM with cPanel, RVsitebuilder and Softaculous. It will also come with virus and malware scanner.

Do I have to change something on my end? Is there any downtime?

There is no downtime. The only thing you need to change - 1. update your control panel links and 2. add new packages via WHM > Packages > Add new packages. In most cases, packages get lost during server to server transfers.

I have SSL website. Is there any issue? Would you move certificate and enable https?

We'll move existing SSL to new server. All expired SSL won't be moved (cPanel doesn't allow to install expired SSL).

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding server upgrade:



Thank you,


WestNIC Technical Support 

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DC15 server status update (DC22)
Posted by WestNIC Support on 29 December 2013 10:34 PM

Dear customers,

We have changed hostname on DC15 server per multiple complaints about Yahoo mail delivery. Server has been rebooted but went through automatic FSCK (file system check) which normally takes from 20 minutes to 3 hours. We do apologize for the inconvenience. We'll update this ticket with new server ID as soon as it completes FSCK.

In the future we ask all customers to remove Yahoo forwarders from cPanel > Mail ASAP. Yahoo doesn't allow to relay mass emails. For instance, if you set to yahoo, your domain name will be blacklisted due to spam relaying / filters. It's almost impossible to get domain off Yahoo blacklist - there are no tools for postmaster.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

WestNIC Staff



UPDATE #1 Well, as soon as we completed this support desk notification, server came up after FSCK with "clean" output (no errors on disks). Total downtime was 19 minutes. We appreciate your patience. Your new server ID has been assigned to "DC22". Once again, please remove Yahoo forwarders to avoid mail delivery errors and server downtime in the future. Yahoo doesn't allow mass emails which being forwarders without any control (mostly spam). Thank you for understanding.

UPDATE #2 if you receive "SSL" error during email communication, please update email server destination from dc15 to dc22

Control panel url (cPanel, WHM and Webmail) has been changed as well - from dc15 to dc22. Please update your bookmarks.

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DC15 server status update
Posted by WestNIC Support on 04 December 2013 01:12 AM

Dear customers,

Update #1 DC15 is up and running. FSCK took 27 minutes - thanks to super fast 15K hard drives :-) Most importantly, server was rebooted after 160 days (100% uptime for 5 months) and new kernel/software loaded. Thank you for your patience during this maintenance.

DC15 server didn't come after reboot which was required to load new kernel (normal maintenance). We're running quote check and FSCK (file system check) to see if there any issues with hard drives. ETA is about 1 hour.

There is no need to report downtime on DC15, we're working hard to bring server up ASAP.

We appreciate your patience. 


WestNIC Staff

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Primary DNS server has been upgraded ( only)
Posted by WestNIC Support on 28 September 2013 12:49 AM

Dear customers,

Issue described below doesn't affect customers with reseller hosting plans, dedicated servers or SD accounts within private networks. It's all about and

Two weeks ago we completed scheduled primary server upgrade ( and noticed the following issue:

Some customers are still using private DNS with legacy IPs for BOTH DNS servers. Secondary DNS server was upgraded in March 2011. That means if we disconnect old primary DNS now, all accounts with obsolete DNS IPs will be down. Please make sure that all domain names are either pointed to and or, if you use own DNS, to following IP: ns1 > and ns2 >

Alternatively, you may fix non-working domain name like so:

a) If there is no data or little data or nothing needed or account is new (added in September 2013), please terminate account via WHM > Account functions > Terminate account then add it back via WHM > Account functions > Add new account. This would reset DNS zones to valid IPs.


b) If you need some data, email accounts and so on, please ask us to reset domain name on both DNS clusters. Example of support desk ticket (submitted via ): "Hello, could you please reset domain name "" on both DNS clusters. My domain name is currently down due to DNS issues".

Both DNS servers are stand-alone (always been since 2002) and now with ultra-fast brand new Intel and Samsung SSD hard drives in RAID-1 array, dual Intel E3 processors and 8 GB of DDR3. We've also replaced Operating System and Firewalls.

If you experience any issues with DNS, please contact us via this support desk at any time. We'll be happy to assist.

Yours truly,

WestNIC Staff

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DC12 server maintenance (completed 07/21/13 at 23:15 EST)
Posted by WestNIC Support on 20 July 2013 04:16 PM

Dear customers,

UPDATE #3: please pull out any needed data from old DC12 server within next 48 hours. Server will be disconnected completely by August 5th, 2013 . Thank you!

UPDATE #2: all accounts except large websites (over 3 GB) have been restored on DC15 server. We were using June 28-June 30th backups. ini_set errors will be resolved shortly. Large websites will be restored upon request, manually. IPs and SSLs will be reinstalled shortly. We'll try to keep old server online for about 2 weeks. Emails with final confirmation and server ID will be sent from billing by Wednesday 22:00 EST. Thank you for your patience.

UPDATE #1: We're currently restoring websites from offsite backup server (11% completed at 9:12 EST). Offsite backups were generated on June 28th. While we restore accounts on new server (DC15), you need to know few things:

- We've preserved all server logs for further investigation and legal action. Compromised accounts (2) have been found and removed. New server is now running different Apache / PHP handles + new firewall and antivirus. Original attacker IPs have been recorded, complaint has been filled with LIR.

- New server is running different, more stable Operating system, custom Kernel, Apache and latest MySQL.

- New server has quite different hardware profile: fast 600 GB 15K SCSI hard drives in RAID-10 array. New server also has 32 GB of DDR3 (we have 16 GB DDR3 on dc12). Server is about 5 times faster than old one!

- We restore backups from offsite backup server. We DO NOT transfer anything from DC12, that means all data between June 28th and July 20th will be lost after restore. However, you'll be able to pull out any data you wish from old DC12 server which is still accessible (email, FTP, cPanel, SFTP etc). Please access server via server hostname or server ID instead of "" or "". Note: cPanel restore isn't possible. You can save data to personal computer only.

- New server doesn't have RVskin (depreciated in 2012). Softaculous and RVsitebuilder will be installed later on, as soon as we finish restore process.

- All hosting packages created via WHM > Packages have been lost. You'll need to re-create them. cPanel doesn't backup WHM packages.

- Large accounts will be restored tonight.

- All valid SSLs will be re-installed by Tuesday, July 23rd, 22:00 EST

- IPs and DNS will remain the same. If you use our DNS, private DNS or external DNS, no changes needed.

- If you didn't check email for long period of time (~2 weeks), we suggest you to pull out all emails via pop3 using server ID. You can find server ID in welcome email.

You can check DC12 server updates here:
There is no need to submit support ticket regarding DC12 outage, we're aware of the issue. 

There is no specific ETA set yet, we're working hard to bring new server up. DC12 server is accessible via cPanel, WHM, webmail, email (pop3/smtp). Please download any needed data prior server restore. We're going to use offsite backups generated in June (between June 26 - June 30). Large websites (over 2 GB) will be also restored using June (June 5 - June 10th) backups. Data between June - July won't be lost because we will try to keep DC12 server online as long as we can. You can download email (via pop3) and also generate full cPanel backups right now. Those backups cannot be restored on new server, but at least you'll have files, databases and other data on personal computer. Please do not delay.


Thank you for your patience and cooperation.


WestNIC Staff.

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