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CHEETAH server upgrade (11/28/2015) - SSD storage and free memory boost
Posted by WestNIC Support on 27 November 2015 01:54 PM

Dear customers,

UPDATE #1: transfer has been postponed to Sunday, November 29th, 2015 6 AM - 6 PM EST.

We're going to upgrade cheetah server on November 29th, 2015 between 2 AM and 2 PM EST. We do not expect any downtime because cPanel accounts will be copied over. 
New server has latest Intel processors (2630 v3, 2.4 GHz), more memory and SSD storage in RAID-1 array. 3x faster access, x5 memory per account and unmetered 1000 Mbps bandwidth (free of charge)!


1. While we do not expect any issues after transfer, some websites with old (outdated) php scripts will stop working due to MySQL and PHP upgrade. MySQL version is: 5.6.x and PHP 5.6.x. Please contact your script vendor for newest scripts.

2. cPanel trial license warning will disappear by itself by December 10th, 2015.

3. Old server will be accessible by November 30th, 21:00 EST. If you need any backups, please generate then download via cpanel > backups. Our backups (old, generated on 11/20/15) will be available until January 30th, 2016.


Are you planning to change DNS (name servers ns1 and ns2)?

No, DNS will remain the same.

Will you install RVsitebuilder and Softculous on new server?

It has been already installed.

Are you going to change any passwords?

There is no need to change cPanel passwords. We'll copy accounts from one server to another.

Is it possible to run PHP 5.3x just for couple of days on new server?

No, PHP 5.3x has been depreciated. 

What is the new server ID? 

It will be posted here tomorrow.

I use external DNS, do you I have to change A record? Is there new IP?

Yes, IP will be different, please check back tomorrow.



Please standby for further updates.

Thank you,

WestNIC support 

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DC22: emergency server transfer/upgrade to SSD storage (free of charge)
Posted by WestNIC Support on 09 October 2015 01:48 AM

UPDATE 2 10/10/2015 13:08 EST: transfer has been completed (at 7:15 EST). We've successfully copied all data to new server. There was no downtime, old server (dc22) is still accessible. It will be disconnected by Monday, October 12, 2015. DNS will remain the same. However, if you use external DNS (different provider), please contact us for "A" record IP. We'll provide new IP.

UPDATE 1 10/10/2015 1:58 EST: transfer has been initiated. It should be completed within next 8 hours. New server ID: barracuda. As soon as we complete transfers, we'll assign dedicated IPs and also install Softaculous (script installer). New server has SSD Pro hard drives (data center edition) and also improved backup system. In just few days you'll be able to download daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly backups using cPanel > Backups. There is no need to generate anything via cPanel. However, if you need extra fresh backup, you can do so via cPanel > Backup > Generate full cpanel backup > download. It will be generated x5 faster than on dc22 server due to SSD storage, new processor (v3) and improved DDR3 memory. But most importantly, all sites will be loading faster than ever before!

Known issues after successful transfer:

1. New server has new PHP 5.6.x and new MySQL 5.6. Some very old scripts will stop working correctly. Please backup data then upgrade scripts.
2. Directories with insufficient or wrong permissions cannot be transferred between cPanel servers. Also, backup files won't contain any data inside those folders. For example, you set incorrect permissions 000 on sub-folder "/setup" inside public_html, folder "/setup" will contain no data after transfer - it will be completely blank. Please inspect all websites within next 48 hours to avoid data loss in such folders. Ideally, you should download static content from dc22 server to your Personal Computer or MAC via FTP (use IP for FTP access).
3. Few (very few, issue is extremely rare) MySQL users had old pre 4.1 MySQL passwords. If you receive MySQL error "permission denied for user... @localhost" - please login to cPanel, reset MySQL password then enter new password in script config. You can also create new user/password then assign it with ALL privileges to existing data base.
4. If you receive "ioncube loader" error please login to FTP then check your php.ini file for those lines:

extension_dir = "/usr/local/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20100525"

Since we installed new PHP 5.6 with new loaders, you need to use:

extension_dir = "/usr/local/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20131226"

Please note that ioncube loaders issue isn't related to transfer at all. It's related to PHP and MySQL upgrade (previous versions have been depreciated).

5. Softaculous will be installed on Sunday, October 11th, 2015.

If you use external DNS, please contact us ASAP. If you use private DNS (own DNS registered with us) or use our private DNS - no changes needed.

We thank you for your patience and cooperation during server upgrade.

WestNIC support



Notice of October 9th, 2015:


Dear customers,

All websites on DC22 server will be transferred tomorrow, October 10th, between 1 AM EST - 1 PM EST.
DNS will remain the same. We do not expect any downtime because accounts will be copied over.

If you use external DNS, please contact us for new site IP. New server ID will be posted here tonight.

Why is this happening: during server inspection we've noticed that newly added accounts are not being backed up correctly. Few months ago we implemented new backup system which would allow us instantly backup all data daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. Users will be able to download any backup via cPanel. At this time we provide weekly and monthly offsite backups. 

Please note that new servers will have SSD hard drives (enterprise edition - data center backups with 5 year warranty) instead of 15K hard drives. This upgrade is a part of massive update of all SD (semi-dedicated) and RS (reseller) servers. New servers will have faster CPU, x2 more memory and SSD. This upgrade is free.

Please standby for more details.

Thank you,

WestNIC support

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PANTHER server has been updated
Posted by WestNIC Support on 04 October 2015 02:47 AM

Dear customers,

We've upgraded Apache and PHP on Panther server. Some *old* data base passwords have been reset. If you receive MySQL connection error, please login to cPanel then reset password for data base user again then update configuration script. Please keep your php scripts up to date.

New PHP version is: 5.6.x

New MySQL: 5.6

If you experience any issues on PANTHER server, please contact us at any time via


Thank you,

WestNIC support

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Important Name Server Change (NS1)
Posted by WestNIC Support on 28 September 2015 02:55 AM

Dear customers,

We've recently upgraded primary domain name server If you use following DNS:

NO changes needed. However, if you use private DNS and your dns1 or ns1 currently pointed to, please replace it at your domain registrar with following IP:
Please complete this update ASAP to avoid any downtime because we're going to upgrade NS2 server (secondary name server) by December 1st, 2015. If you use old DNS IPs, all domain names will be down until you re-register your DNS under new IPs.

If you need any technical assistance with DNS update, please contact us at any time via


Thank you,

WestNIC Support 

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PANTHER2 > PANTHER server (emergency update, pending transfer)
Posted by WestNIC Support on 11 April 2015 02:20 PM

Dear customers,

Old server (panther2) has been online since spring 2010 and showed tremendous uptime. Unfortunately, server is failing. We've verified that both disks in RAID-1 have unrecoverable sectors. Within next few days we're going to transfer remaining accounts from panther2 server to new server. Please standby for more information.

Thank you for your patience and continued support!


UPD #1, 04.12.2015 10:39 EST we're deploying up new Dell server in the same data center. New server ID would be: panther (without number "2"). ETA: unknown yet.

UPD #2, 04.13.2015 6:44 EST new Dell server (panther) is online and ready for account transfers. Account transfer will be initiated in alphabetical order. Accounts over 10GB will be moved at very last moment because old server is unstable. We'll post update as soon as we initiate transfer. If you use external DNS, please change host IP (A record) to: Dedicated SSLs will be installed later on, as soon as we complete all transfers. Old server will be up and down all day, but downtime period would be less than 30 minutes per reboot session (we expect at least 2 emergency reboots today). We thank you for patience and cooperation.

UPD #3, 04.13.2015 8:47 EST transfer from panther2 to panther server has been initiated. Please do not login to cPanel / WHM.

UPD #4, 04.13.2015 20:58 EST transfer has been completed. We didn't experience any downtime during and after transfers. Large websites will be moved within next 24 hours. We'll install SSLs as soon as we transfer IP subnet from old server. Once again, new server IP: and DNS (name servers) didn't change: 

Final steps would be: cPanel license transfer (right now it shows as "trial license") and Softaculous installation (script installer). Thank you for your patience.



WestNIC support,

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