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How to transfer files via FTP securely (SFTP and FTP over SSL)
Posted by WestNIC Support on 09 March 2010 06:47 AM
You can transfer your files via FTP server securely. We do recommend CuteFTP Professional from GlobalScape, it does support SSL and FTP via SSH2.

There are four ways to move/upload/edit/delete files:

1. Regular FTP (not secured and not recommended).
2. Via cPanel > File Manager (inconvenient, must use
3. Secured FTP (data will be moved over SSL protocols) - highly recommended.
4. FTP over SSH2 (not reliable, permission issues may occur).

All our FTP servers support SSL and all of them have valid SSL from Geotrust. You should always use FTP with SSL. Here is how (CuteFTP Professional):

1. Create NEW site (top menu): FTP/SSL site
2. Add following:

Host address: (please contact us if you don't remember your server ID)
Username: youruserhere (same for cPanel)
Password: yourpassword
Login Method: Normal (important setting!)

3. Click connect
4. You will see SSL from Geotrust, click "accept"

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