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PANTHER2 > PANTHER server (emergency update, pending transfer)
Posted by WestNIC Support on 11 April 2015 02:20 PM

Dear customers,

Old server (panther2) has been online since spring 2010 and showed tremendous uptime. Unfortunately, server is failing. We've verified that both disks in RAID-1 have unrecoverable sectors. Within next few days we're going to transfer remaining accounts from panther2 server to new server. Please standby for more information.

Thank you for your patience and continued support!


UPD #1, 04.12.2015 10:39 EST we're deploying up new Dell server in the same data center. New server ID would be: panther (without number "2"). ETA: unknown yet.

UPD #2, 04.13.2015 6:44 EST new Dell server (panther) is online and ready for account transfers. Account transfer will be initiated in alphabetical order. Accounts over 10GB will be moved at very last moment because old server is unstable. We'll post update as soon as we initiate transfer. If you use external DNS, please change host IP (A record) to: Dedicated SSLs will be installed later on, as soon as we complete all transfers. Old server will be up and down all day, but downtime period would be less than 30 minutes per reboot session (we expect at least 2 emergency reboots today). We thank you for patience and cooperation.

UPD #3, 04.13.2015 8:47 EST transfer from panther2 to panther server has been initiated. Please do not login to cPanel / WHM.

UPD #4, 04.13.2015 20:58 EST transfer has been completed. We didn't experience any downtime during and after transfers. Large websites will be moved within next 24 hours. We'll install SSLs as soon as we transfer IP subnet from old server. Once again, new server IP: and DNS (name servers) didn't change: 

Final steps would be: cPanel license transfer (right now it shows as "trial license") and Softaculous installation (script installer). Thank you for your patience.



WestNIC support,

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