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CHEETAH server upgrade (12/19/2015) - SSD storage and free memory boost
Posted by WestNIC Support on 27 November 2015 01:54 PM

Dear customers,

UPDATE #2: transfer has been completed on December 20th, 2015.
: transfer has been postponed to December 19th, 2015 6 AM - 6 PM EST.

We're going to upgrade cheetah server on December 19th, 2015 between 2 AM and 2 PM EST. We do not expect any downtime because cPanel accounts will be copied over. 
New server has latest Intel processors (2630 v3, 2.4 GHz), more memory and SSD storage in RAID-1 array. 3x faster access, x5 memory per account and unmetered 1000 Mbps bandwidth (free of charge)!


1. While we do not expect any issues after transfer, some websites with old (outdated) php scripts will stop working due to MySQL and PHP upgrade. MySQL version is: 5.6.x and PHP 5.6.x. Please contact your script vendor for newest scripts.

2. cPanel trial license warning will disappear by itself by December 22nd, 2015.

3. Old server will be accessible by November 30th, 21:00 EST. If you need any backups, please generate then download via cpanel > backups. Our backups (old, generated on 11/20/15) will be available until January 30th, 2016.


Are you planning to change DNS (name servers ns1 and ns2)?

No, DNS will remain the same.

Will you install RVsitebuilder and Softculous on new server?

It has been already installed.

Are you going to change any passwords?

There is no need to change cPanel passwords. We'll copy accounts from one server to another.

Is it possible to run PHP 5.3x just for couple of days on new server?

No, PHP 5.3x has been depreciated. 

What is the new server ID? 

It will be posted here tomorrow.

I use external DNS, do you I have to change A record? Is there new IP?

Yes, IP will be different, please check back tomorrow.



Please standby for further updates.

Thank you,

WestNIC support 

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