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ELEPHANT server: mysql upgrade 12/06/2015 (completed)
Posted by WestNIC Support on 04 December 2015 01:12 PM

Dear customers,

We're going to upgrade MySQL on "Elephant" server on Sunday, December 6th 2015, between 2 AM EST and 6 AM EST. We do not expect any downtime, however, some users with old pre-4.1 mysql passwords may see "cannot connect to data base" error. This can be fixed quickly by resetting mysql db user password within cPanel (cPanel > MySQL > MySQL user > reset password). Then you need to update MySQL db user password in PHP configuration file.

Old MySQL version 5.5 has been officially depreciated. New version: 5.6 (we'll use it until January 2018).


Thank you,

WestNIC Support, 

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