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Offsite and onsite backup issue on LEOPARD server: 03/13/2018
Posted by WestNIC Support on 13 March 2018 10:28 PM

Dear customers,

We've noticed that local backups generated on LEOPARD server are severely corrupted and offsite backup destination contains exact same copies. We're currently working with cPanel in order to fix backup issues and also implement better offsite solution: AMAZON S3. 

We'll post updates this week. In the meanwhile, please, please generate own cPanel backups (cPanel > Backup > Generate full cPanel backup) for important websites. THESE BACKUPS ARE NOT AFFECTED BY BUG. Please do not keep backups on the same server. All backup files must be downloaded to personal computer or cloud storage.

Please note that availability of backups cannot be guaranteed. While we didn't experience major data loss in the past 16 years, we did lose few websites due to backup corruption or misconfiguration. It's a very good idea to maintain own backups locally, on local computers.

Thank you for understanding.

Your friends at WestNIC

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